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The We Stand United Cycle Club (WSUCC), which has a local as well as an American chapter, donated cycling equipment last Sunday to the Linden-based LonLam Classic Organization, which holds an annual cycle race in the city. Bauxite mining company.

The donation was a promise kept by WSUCC owner Horace Burrowes, who is a US-based businessman. This isn’t the first time Burrowes has made such a donation, he has a rich history of helping other clubs and individual riders with equipment every now and then.

The equipment, which includes helmets (10), uniforms (five) and a pair of cycling shoes, was handed over to WSUCC sensation, 13-year-old Alex Leung, who is the reigning national juvenile champion.

He presented one of the uniforms to Nigel London from LonLam Classic at the Chin Chan Cycle Store, Robb Street, Georgetown.

Burrowes, in a brief comment, said he was happy to keep a promise made in London as he was impressed with the LonLam Classic event, which helps promote the sport he loves very much.

“I followed the course of the event at Linden and the professional way it is going. Plus, I really like that it’s designed to help young riders and give them a platform to showcase their skills. I am very committed to helping young people in their development, so I decided to contact Mr. London to make a contribution.

London replied: “It is with great pleasure that the organization has been privileged to be the beneficiary of a very impressive act by Mr. Horace Burrowes; former president of the Guyana Cycling Federation and owner of the We Stand United Cycle Club (United States and Guyana). Mr. Burrowes and his group have presented materials to the LonLam Classic Organization to help us invest in the passion for cycling. It speaks of the power of collaboration; in the effort to help our people. Mr. Burrowes is committed to contributing more to the development of our cyclists. LonLam Classic is eager to develop more partnerships of this nature.

The LonLam Classic Organization, led by Nigel London and Littleton Lambert, has a strong focus on investing “in passion” and “driving with integrity”.

It is mainly cycling, but not exclusively. For example, the David McDougall Scholarship (a grant of G $ 50,000) was awarded to two students with an interest in basketball.

The organization includes enthusiasts from Linden, Georgetown, Berbice and overseas. On November 14, the fourth edition of the LonLam Classic would be held in Mackenzie, Linden.

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