Want Warburton ATV Park to go ahead? It’s time to do your part

As we reported at the end of last year, the Warburton Mountain Bike Park project in Melbourne’s east is moving ever closer to completion. Assuming all goes as planned, it will provide 177km of world-class trails in one of Australia’s most beautiful regions – a veritable destination for mountain bikers around Australia (if not beyond).

But there is still no guarantee that this will happen.

The project team recently completed a gargantuan 3,500-page study Declaration of Environmental Effects (EEC), detailing the environmental and other effects the project may have. It is now up to the community to provide feedback on this document and on the project more generally, before the Government of Victoria decides whether (and how far) the park can go ahead.

SEAs are normally reserved for large infrastructure projects such as gas and mining facilities. Community submissions for these projects tend to be almost exclusively negative. With Warburton MTB Park however, there is a real chance that these community submissions will be overwhelmingly positive.

It’s there that you intervene.

The CyclingTips team has already made a submission. If you’re a mountain biker and want to see Warburton MTB Park moving forward, or just think the park is a great idea, we encourage you to submit your own (if you haven’t already do ).

It’s easy. Just head to the the project page on the Engage Victoria website and fill in the details. It can take as little as a few minutes to have your say, or you can spend a lot longer.

If you’re looking for guidance on what to include in your submission, here are some things we noted about the project:

  • This is a world-class facility that is sure to attract people from all over, making it a boon for regional tourism. We will definitely be making the trip to Warburton more often as a result. It’s not hard to imagine a large influx of visitors staying overnight (or multiple nights) to make sure they experience all the park has to offer. Local businesses are sure to thrive as a result.
  • The trails on offer through the Yarra Ranges National Park are sure to offer some of the most scenic mountain biking on the planet. This will provide a driving experience that will not only attract visitors, but develop an increased connection with the national park.
  • It is clear that the project team has done considerable work to ensure that the trail network will have minimal impact on the local environment.
  • At a time when road cycling feels more dangerous than ever, having places to ride away from traffic where riders can feel safe and comfortable is certainly a good thing.
  • Having a world class cycling destination close to Melbourne will only encourage more people to go mountain biking and hopefully cycling more generally. The benefits of a large population of cyclists are well established, both in terms of community health – physical and mental – traffic congestion, economy, and more.

Submissions close at 11:59 p.m. on Tuesday, January 25. Let’s see if we can help get this wonderful project off the ground.

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