Wage loss notices reportedly sent to former AAF players

Before, we had the XFL, USFL, FCF, and the Spring League; we had the American Football Alliance (AAF). It was the first spring league in a long time that looked promising. Sadly, he suffered the same fate as many of his predecessors when the AAF withdrew just eight weeks after the start of its inaugural season.

This does not mean that there was no hope.

Charlie Ebersol and the AAF struggled at first but were apparently rescued by Tom Dundon when he appeared to have invested enough money to keep the league afloat for their inaugural season. When Dundon arrived he came up with a pledge of significant funding. But, when the writing was on the wall, Dundon pulled the plug on the league to save his wallet.

Since then, Tom Dundon has even argued that he should be compensated by the players for the AAF bankruptcy.

Well, it looks like we have some information on how to file bankruptcy and payments..

Former AAF player Logan Tuley-Tillman tweeted his former teammates telling them to check their email for bankruptcy notices in order to recover lost wages.

UPDATE: Another former AAF player Kenneth Farrow also tweeted about the settlement notices.

It’s been over two years since the AAF entered the field, but better late than never when it comes to late payments to players. If you’ve played for the AAF, or know someone who has, you better check these inboxes. We hope everyone will receive their fair trial payments, but I would expect it to be less due to the way the settlements will be deployed.

With the AAF dead and buried and the XFL working on a revival in 2023, all eyes are now on FOX and USFL. The new USFL should have the funding in order, and given that it is owned by FOX; dissemination should never be a problem.

The AAF was trying to beat the XFL in the market, but in turn struggled in the process.

We’ll keep you posted as soon as we learn more about AAF’s bankruptcy.

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