‘the government must present a plan to make the city suitable for cyclists’ | Guwahati News

Guwahati: The city’s cyclists believe that it is high time the government came up with a concrete plan to make Guwahati a bicycle-friendly city. This, they say, will not only help counter the effects of climate change, reduce pollution levels, decongest the city, but also make people physically fit.
On the occasion of World Bicycle Day, Arshel Akhter, the Cycling Mayor of Guwahati, said: “Citizens, organizations as well as the government have an equal role to play in the adoption and promotion of bicycles as mode of transport and in the transformation of Guwahati into a bicycle. friendly town. »
Akhter was nominated by Amsterdam-based social enterprise BYCS to promote cycling.
“According to the latest National Family Health Survey report, about 70% of households in Assam have bicycles and only 8% have cars. Moreover, Guwahati has seen a gradual increase in the number of bicycle users, which shows that people are slowly but surely starting to cycle again, he added.
Nibdeita Das, a cyclist from Bongaigaon, said: “Having a motorbike or a car has long been seen as a status symbol. Although many still think so, those who are environmentally conscious are at least returning to cycling or walking now.
A forum called Guwahati Active Mobility Forum (GAMOF) has been established with the aim of making the city cycling and walking friendly by 2030.
Akhter said if he does this, it will also help achieve 11 of the government’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

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