Simon Fell welcomes £4.5m allocation for cycling infrastructure in Barrow

The AN MP has welcomed the promise of £4.5m government funding for cycling infrastructure in Barrow.

Simon Fell said the city had “a strong propensity to have more people walking and cycling for short trips”, with an above-average number of people traveling less than 5km to get to work.

The MP for Barrow and Furness outlined the intended use of money from the Department for Transport’s Active Travel Fund, saying £1.2million would be used on a new cycle route between Jubilee Bridge and Earnse Bay.

He said the package would also see ‘£3.3million spent on 400m of cycle lanes between Hibbert Road and Park Drive, and improvements to two junctions’.

“These essential improvements to cycling and pedestrian infrastructure will no doubt benefit the local community when commuting to work or school,” he said.

“It is clear that there is a real desire and a real tendency to be more active during small trips in daily life, but for people to make these healthier decisions, the infrastructure must be in place for the public feel safe and able to do then.”

Mr Fell referred to £880,000 from the Active Travel Fund which had already been acquired for cycle routes along Michaelson Road and Bridge Road.

Last month a Cumbria County Council spokesman said the cycle lanes would be the ‘first of their kind’ in Cumbria.

Cllr Keith Little, cabinet member for highways and transport, said at the time it was an “exciting time” for Barrow.

“It is the county council’s ambition to get more people cycling and walking for leisure and for short daily journeys,” he said.

“This not only benefits our health and well-being, but also the environment – in terms of air quality and reducing our carbon emissions.”

Alan Boyle, Construction Manager at Story Contracting, said of the Michaelson Road and Bridge Road scheme: “We look forward to working with our key supply chain to deliver this project to support the council in promoting the health and well-being in Barrow, while reducing carbon emissions by promoting more sustainable travel in the city.”

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