Scores boost cycling skills in Whanganui Kiwi Kids’ Bike Race




10-year-old Keenan Spink gives parent Chris Macbeth a run for his money in the adult vs kids race. Photo / Lewis Gardner

Whanganui’s annual Kiwi Kids Bike Race is underway.

Yesterday, more than 100 children showed up on St Johns Hill grounds to compete in the first of three bike racing events held in Whanganui.

For the past five years, the Wanganui Mountain Biking Club has organized this series to encourage young people to develop their cycling skills in a fun, family atmosphere.

Organizer Nigel Mcilray said it was great to see familiar faces return each year.

“We had a fantastic turnout this year and the kids and parents really seem to be enjoying it.”

All children, aged 2 to 13, receive their specially adapted helmets before participating in a race around the school grounds.

Prizes included a chocolate fish, a voucher for a McDonald’s burger and entry into a contest to win a bicycle provided by the Bike Shed.

Dads storm off in the
The dads are going full blast in the “parents on bicycle for children” race. Photo / Lewis Gardner

Every year there is a “Parents Ride the Kid’s Bike” race – and the smaller the wheels, the better. This year has not been disappointing.

Mr Mcilray said it looked like all the fathers had entered this year.

“Running always gives kids a good laugh.”

On Sunday March 4, the second event will take place on the new Westmere School bike path, followed by the final race on Sunday March 18, at the YMCA grounds.


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