Rating Liverpool stars on their cycling skills: who looks most comfortable on two wheels?


Liverpool players and manager Jurgen Klopp got on their bikes at La Manga, but who looked most comfortable in the saddle?

Get on your bike, the reds!

So getting knocked out of the FA Cup in the fourth round seems to have its advantages.

As other clubs prepare to face the knockout competition in the coming days, Liverpool have completed their training camp at La Manga, with boss Jurgen Klopp putting the Reds to the test ahead of their last 13 games of the season. season.

However, not everything was fun and fun for the team, Klopp put them through double workouts and had them cycle to and from their hotel.

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All of this means that we got to see photos of professional footballers looking a bit like the characters from Stranger Things.

But which Liverpool player is the prettiest on his bike?

Let’s get the ranking.

Philippe Coutinho – 1/10

“Leave me, leave me, leave me”


Andrew Powell)

Looking as petrified as a five-year-old on their first Sunday afternoon with his grandparents is just not at all for Philippe.

Pass the stabilizers.

Jordan Henderson – 6/10



Liverpool FC / Getty)

It’s off to the shops on a quiet weekend morning for Jordan, who looks like he doesn’t care about the world as he walks forward.

Don’t forget the milk.

Yan Dhanda, Ben Woodburn and Trent Alexander-Arnold – 8/10


The young people of Liverpool have left to terrorize the neighborhood and they don’t care who gets in their way.

Just make sure you’re home for your tea before your moms start to worry.

Jürgen Klopp – 7/10

Every square inch of ‘cool daddy’ here, Big Jurgs comes across as the kind of guy who wouldn’t think of spending his weekends cycling 80 miles round trip to buy a particular type of cheese at a food market. in a picturesque location.

And actually enjoy it.

Adam Lallana – 9/10

Everyone knew an arrogant kid like this growing up.

Lallana appears to be hanging out outside the recreation center eating Space Invaders and trying unsuccessfully to chat with girls.

You’re 28, man.

Loris Karius – 3/10

The German goalkeeper looks as stable on two wheels as he comes for crosses here.

James Milner – 7/10

Ignore Karius here and instead look at James “the hardest working paper deliverer in the business” Milner.

He’s a man who rode the Yorkshire Dales on his bike for many years and had the bruises to prove it.

Sadio Mane – 8/10

Everyone had a buddy who always wanted to be at the head of the group, at the head, at the head of the peloton, faster than everyone else.

To be fair to Mane, he could probably do it on foot.

Joël Matip – 4/10

Matip looks absolutely broken here, as if the entire group of players (led by Mane) had vanished over the hill and left it behind.

“Stupid bike, I didn’t even want to do that anyway.”

Georginio Wijnaldum – 10/10

Not content with leading the midfielder in the recent win over Tottenham, Wijnaldum also leads the bike standings by throwing a relaxed WHEELIE when he thought no one was watching.

Fair play, Gini, nobody likes to show off, but considering that every time we tried this we fell prone, then you deserve bonus points.

Now let’s go down to the stores and see if we can find someone to buy us some White Lightning.

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Will Liverpool always end up in the top 4?

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