Plan would add cycling infrastructure west of Kingston



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KINGSTON – A western highway route could receive major active transportation improvements over the next few years.

Bayridge Drive, Henderson Boulevard and portions of Days Road, Front Road and King Street – collectively known as Route 6 in the city’s active transportation master plan – could receive improvements funded by a federal infrastructure grant that the city received last year.

“The existing cycling facilities along Bayridge Drive are largely made up of on-road cycle lanes, approximately 1.5 meters wide, although there are segments along the corridor where the width of the pavement does not allow on-road cycle lanes to expand and connect, ”a report to city council from Sheila Kidd, commissioner of transport and public works, said.

Content of the article

“There is minimal infrastructure at intersections, which contributes to the many barriers to active transportation along this vehicle-centric artery. “

Improvements to the road could include sections of new bike lanes, buffered bike lanes, shoulders or shared roads.

The first part of the planned active transportation modernization route is the Bayridge Drive between Henderson and Taylor-Kidd Boulevard, but plans are underway to upgrade the Bayridge Drive north to Cataraqui Woods Drive.

“This work will examine the possibilities of filling gaps in pedestrian infrastructure along the corridor. This work will also include upgrading intersections along Bayridge Drive to “all ages and abilities” configurations to provide improved connectivity for pedestrians and cyclists, ”Kidd wrote. “In addition, this work will include new concrete slabs and improvements to transit stops along the corridor as part of the integration of improvements to pedestrian and cycling facilities. “

Construction of the first part of Bayridge Drive to be upgraded is scheduled for 2022 or 2023.

City council is due to review the plan at its Tuesday night meeting.


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