Installation of new pedestrian and cyclist infrastructure at Dyke Road attracts much criticism


Galway Bay Press Room fm:

The new cycling infrastructure installed on Dyke Road today has drawn widespread criticism from cyclists, motorists and local public representatives.

As part of the Galway City Council Mobility Team’s Covid-19 responses, The Headford Road, Dyke Road and St. Brendan’s Avenue Junction have been closed and replaced with a bicycle rack and temporary bollards.

Vehicles coming from Dyke Road must now access Headford Road at the St. Bridget’s Place junction opposite Argos and LIDL.

According to the city council, this intervention will reduce waiting times at the crossroads for pedestrians and increase vehicle capacity.

The City Council mobility team received hundreds of submissions for safe cycling infrastructure between the city center, Salthill, Knocknacarra and Barna.

The intervention sparked much criticism on social media from motorists, cyclists and residents.

Cllr Owen Hanley says this new infrastructure on the Dyke Road is dangerous and does not represent the needs of Galway cyclists:

The Galway Cycling campaign has hit city council for its installation of a bicycle rack in the middle of the closed road and called for its immediate removal to a safer location.

Roselyn Carroll of the organization says the new infrastructure doesn’t make sense:

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