Defense sticks to implement nationwide cycling infrastructure plan – Manila Newsletter

Anakalusugan party representative Michael Defensor called for the implementation of a cycle infrastructure development plan amid the continued rise in fuel prices and the increase in the number of working Filipinos opting to use the bicycle. cycling to avoid exposure to COVID-19.

Anakalusugan representative Michael Defensor

Defensor filed House Bill 10396 proposing to direct the government to design, construct and / or designate a network of lanes and trails along main and secondary roads for the exclusive use of cyclists.

“We want the Department of Transportation and the Department of Public Works and Highways to work together to create a safe and seamless travel environment for cyclists,” Defensor said.

HB 10396 directs the two departments to establish parking racks, off-street shelters, service centers as well as road signs and specialized traffic signals for the use of cyclists.

He also entrusted the two agencies with the mandate to ensure the safety of pedestrians by improving sidewalks and cycle paths.

Known as the Bike Friendly Communities Act, HRB 10396 provides that “all public places, government offices, schools, large commercial establishments, including shopping malls, banks, restaurants, hospitals and the like” must install bicycle parking racks for cyclists.

Defensor said the bill would also require bicycle parking lots: to be secure, visible, accessible and not obstruct pedestrians and motor vehicles. Meanwhile, Defensor, a former congressman from Quezon City, said he intended to transform the city “into the most bike-friendly city in Metro Manila.” “We envision the city to have the best system of bicycle lanes and parking services integrated with suburban centers such as light rail terminals,” he said.

An aspiring city mayor, Defensor said, “Through a certification process, we want Quezon City to have the most bicycle-friendly workplaces and malls.



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