Cycling infrastructure in preparation to make Malta a hotspot for safe sport tourism


A number of infrastructure projects are currently underway to make Malta a safe and attractive cycling destination for tourists, according to Tourism Minister Clayton Bartolo.

Towards the end of last year, Bartolo shared his ambition to position Malta as a sports tourism destination including attracting cyclists to the island. His proposal drew criticism from athletes who approached Malta’s problem with road safety and the dangers it creates for cyclists.

“I am aware of the comments, I look forward to meeting these organizations and athletes. I understand their concerns, ”Bartolo said at a press conference earlier today.

Malta’s roads are not cyclist friendly, with the San Ä wann cycle path proving particularly problematic due to its reckless and dangerous location which leaves cyclists aware of fatal accidents.

Additionally, there have been a number of incidents involving negligent drivers and cyclists which in some cases have resulted in fatalities.

However, plans appear to be underway to address this issue in the future.

“I must underline the fact that we are working on a number of infrastructure projects in which we also include cycle paths”, continued Bartolo. “These cycle paths will not be as narrow as possible. We try to make sure these are comfortable cycle paths for cyclists. “

The vision of turning Malta into a sports tourism destination is not just about cycling but other sporting activities that the island has to offer all year round thanks to its favorable weather conditions.

In addition to positioning Malta as a sports hub, Bartolo also discussed the potential to attract more religious tourists thanks to the abundance of churches that occupy the island.

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