Cycling infrastructure adds value to our cities


There are many reasons why one can cycle in cities, not just limited to the environmental impact, financial savings, and physical and mental health benefits.

I cycle 38 km daily and like to do it all year round. Despite the use of lights, hand signals and compliance with the highway code, drivers cut me or pass me regularly without a safety space. As winter arrives, these events will increase as roads narrow due to snow and drivers do not anticipate cyclists.

Cycling infrastructure creates a safer environment for cyclists, drivers and pedestrians. The maintenance (including snow removal) of cycle paths promotes the proper use of these spaces. Snow removal will always be a costly challenge in urbanized spaces, but funding for this service is necessary to maintain safe and accessible transportation routes in our cities year round.

The amount of opposition expressed to bike paths over the past year and to updated snow removal costs is creating frustration, when these settlements should be celebrated.

As a young professional, I tire of living in a city where there are so many complaints about the development and maintenance of municipal infrastructure.

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