Clean Air Day: Do your part today to help improve air quality

Residents of Nottingham are urged to take action on Clean Air Day today Thursday June 16 to help contribute to improving the city’s air quality.

The city has taken big steps over many years to combat poor air quality, including investing in one of the best public transportation systems in the country – giving residents and visitors a great alternative to the car use and helping them to do their part for the environment.

Clean Air Day is an annual campaign to promote ways to combat air pollution and raise awareness of the harmful effects of poor air quality, which causes up to 36,000 premature deaths in the UK every year.

In Nottingham, people are invited to:

  • Leave the car at home and travel more actively
  • Get on public transport
  • Don’t stand idle, turn off your engine
    • When stationary in a petrol or diesel car, turn off your engine – especially around schools. We have school streets in place across the city to make it safer and cleaner for children
  • Go electric
    • Electric vehicles are often cheaper to operate and maintain
    • Are you a business owner? Why not take advantage of our Electric van experience and test an electric van for free for 30 days?

The city council is working hard to improve air quality through active travel programs, including building and improving bike paths across the city and securing funding for build a new cycle and pedestrian bridge over the River Trent. It is also investing in public transport with 78 state-of-the-art electric single-decker buses that will join NCT’s fleet from 2023 and contactless payment and Robin des Bois tickets making multi-carrier travel so much easier. And it increases the use of electric vehicles by installing hundreds of charging stations for electric vehicles“green” the council’s own fleet and promoting one of the cleanest taxi fleets in the country.

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Environment, Energy and Waste Portfolio Holder Cllr Sally Longford said:

“We are really proud of the ambitious work we have done to improve Nottingham’s air quality and want everyone to use Clean Air Day to figure out what they can do to help.

“Transportation emissions are one of the biggest contributors to poor air quality, so we’ve focused a lot of our work on this area. We’re helping people do their part by providing green public transport from quality, improving active transportation infrastructure and creating safe school streets across the city Clean air is so important to healthy living, it affects everyone and we can all take action to help keep it clean. ‘to improve.

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