Campaign by the North Belfast group to promote better cycling infrastructure in the region


RESIDENTS of North Belfast have come together to launch a campaign to promote and support better cycling infrastructure.

The North Belfast Cycle Campaign was formed after Infrastructure Minister Nichola Mallon announced that a cycle path would be developed on Cavehill Road and Limestone Road.

The group wants “safe and well-integrated cycle paths” and connections to the city center as well as the promotion of the benefits of active travel.

Clare Moore, one of the founders, has been campaigning for better cycling infrastructure for 30 years.

“If you compare the cycling infrastructure in north Belfast to the south or the east, we are really underserved,” she said.

“We want to correct this and believe it will help regenerate and improve this part of the city.

“The way our roads are structured by the minute means it puts people in competition – drivers competing with cyclists and cyclists competing with walkers. It is such a shame.

“A protected cycling infrastructure is necessary so that people can make their first trip to the shops by bike. “

Ms Moore said a cycle path on Limestone and Cavehill Roads would be a “key route into the city center for schoolchildren, commuters and shoppers”.

“We really want to see that built and help people travel by bike, which will have all kinds of benefits for our health and the environment,” she added.

The group met Ms Mallon, who said she was “keen on more groups that advocate cycling and active travel generally set up in the city to help promote and spread the message of the benefits of cycling. walking, cycling and cycling “.

“Groups like this can also be of great support for people who are ready to consider leaving the car at home and becoming active in their daily commute,” she said.


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