Black Clover Bankruptcy 334: Lucius and Asta Spherical 1! Free update date!

Lucius has become more powerful and must mold this international according to his needs. Julius tried to protect him, but he continued to live his life. So far, the simplest Asta will save the industry. Although Lucius cannot beat Lucifero, he is perhaps the best opponent. He can get Lucifer’s energy and regulate it. Alone, preventing with Lucius could be difficult for Asta in Black Clover Bankruptcy 334. Will he win the competition? Let’s talk.

Once the 334th bankruptcy is over, Lucius will fight with Asta to remove him from the international market. He thinks Asta is a flaw and will lead to difficulties in advancing world peace. But Asta will make it difficult. So Lucius will try to pay at least an hour for him to practice his orders. Who could this particular person be?

…Why did you rot?

The next bankruptcy will take effect for the shares of Asta and Luciuss. Asta summons Satanic Union, which he achieves by breaking Time Magic spells and skipping time. This makes Lucius Asta’s name difficult. Indeed, Asta uses Anti Magic to stop a powerful power. This will cause Lucius to grow into truly human form. Hell becomes a seraphic form with antlers and wings.

He might be shocked to learn that Lucius Ki is neither a satan nor a human. Despite this, Asta will now fight Lucius, who will select Lily’s sister. Lucius takes Soul Magic and becomes a Lilys and she makes her subordinates. This modification will petrify each of Asta and her Lily sisters, and she will only cry out for justice. Lucius pushes Asta and falls to the bottom.

Just keep the story alive!

In Black Clover Chapter 333, Lucius shriveled up with high score satan Astaroth with Time Magic. To avoid the problem of being a satan and the birth of two souls, you would find a solution. No matter how long he came, he foresaw the long term and was once content to be told of true peace on the planet. Even though his personality was different, Julius denied the theory. Lucius also foresaw Julius’ betrayal and was once unhappy with his act. He made Julius smile and assured him that the whole motion would move along easily. Yama and others were at a loss for words one way, given the Magic Emperor’s alternate gaze.

Asta quickly discovered that it wasn’t Julius. Before that, Lucius stopped time and imposed himself on everyone. And since he was trying to touch the sunken forehead, he activated his black expression and forced Lucius to back away. Asta discovered that once everyone was trapped in a Time Magic spell identical to Julius. This left Lucius to confess that he absorbed Lucifero, making Asta ruthless for words. Still, he asked if he was going to inquire about Juliuss’ location.

White Clover Bankruptcy 334: Free Update.

Black Clover 334 bankruptcy will recover on August 23. …it will be on Viz. The next bankruptcy will focus on Asta and how he will deal with Lucius. Will he end up dying? Carefully, it looks like Asta will save himself from using his anti-magic abilities, which can increase Lucius’ strength. Whether that happens or not, The Anime Day by Day will keep you posted.

The posted Black Clover Chapter 334: Lucius Vs. Asta Round 1. The “Anime Daily” became the first thing to imagine.


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