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After cardiac arrest at age 34, Prasanna Karthik rebounded, losing 42 kg and standing out as an endurance cyclist; and more importantly, he has guided others on diets and workouts for free

Prasanna Karthik recreates a memory of two medical crises with how he recovered from both, not only through pills, surgical threads and plates, but also ultra-thin carbon wheels.

Prasanna, who suffered cardiac arrest on December 30, 2012, extinguished 43 candles on her birthday cake this week, October 19.

Prasanna would make sure their eyebrows were raised higher, this time frowning in pleasant surprise.

After the recovery, he started running and lost 22 kilograms, but an almost equal amount of fat remained before finally reaching a healthy BMI.

In 2014, at the suggestion of a friend, he embarked on cycling for heart health. He, however, went beyond the natural blood pumping machine and captured his whole being, soul and spirit added for good measure, and made him an endurance cyclist, not to mention a “trainer of.” fitness ”.

Absorbed by hiking, he will then win four senior trekking titles (SR) (for an SR title, you have to cover 200, 300, 400 and 600 km Brevet de Randonneur Mondiaux or BRM in one year). It closed the 2019 season with participation in the 1200 km Paris-Brest-Paris patent, which takes place once every four years. He also did a Les Ranonneus Mondiaux (LRM), a 1,000 km race.

“Considering what I had been through and recovered, some people started to admire me. Since I didn’t want what happened to me to happen to them, I started to familiarize myself with the diets and workouts. .

Diets and workouts consultations come free. Prasanna explains, “The training helps me learn more about diets and workouts. I spend quality time with them learning all of these things.

Essentially, it’s about sharing with others how he negated the effects of unhealthy eating and work behaviors.

“When I had the cardiac arrest, I was lifting weights, but not cardio. I led a sedentary lifestyle and knew nothing about healthy diets. And the stress of running a business also wreaked havoc in my heart, ”explains the Velachery resident.

Prasanna admits he is not a certified nutritionist, but has lost around 42kg on two separate occasions – after the cardiac event and later, following an accident that left him out of fight for months – “I know how the body reacts to various diets”.

In addition to voraciously reading about these twin topics, he spent enough time at his real estate development company for a kettlebell certification program, which helps him write workout programs for his friends.

About three years after the cardiac arrest and his transformation into an endurance cyclist, an accident set him back considerably and he had to start almost from scratch.

This is a bicycle accident that occurred while cycling downhill and the brakes failed.

“I broke my wrist – it completely collapsed. I broke my collarbone. I was out of action for six months. A plate had been put in my shoulder and another in my wrist, and during my recovery period, I could not hold the handlebars. I had also gained considerable weight.

He repeated the cycle of recovery, restoration and transformation, again losing over 40 kg.

When he returned to his business, he faced a lack of time and was forced to cut back on the time he could devote to guiding others. Prasanna now focuses only on helping people with diet.

“Currently, I guide six people with diets. When it comes to workouts, he helps others with basic techniques such as correcting posture. He points out that he would somehow create time to volunteer at hiking events. Member of Madras Randonneurs, it is part of the responsibility of the hike. Although volunteering takes a lot out of him as it forces him to keep moving between checkpoints – “Volunteering is more taxing than horse riding” – it gives him enough, in terms of self-fulfillment, to may

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