Appropriate cycling infrastructure “the easiest way to reduce overcrowding on public transport”



Allowing more people to cycle is the easiest way to reduce overcrowding on public transport and encourage more sustainable modes of travel, a commuter lobby group said.

The Dublin Commuter Coalition also called for the use of bus-mounted cameras, junction cameras and a system for pedestrians to report breaches of the law using their smartphones.

The lobby group issued a manifesto ahead of the general election, calling on politicians to prioritize public transport, cyclists and pedestrians in the Greater Dublin area.

The document presents 12 topics the group wants to act on, including BusConnects, cycling infrastructure, e-rides (electric bikes, scooters, unicycles and hoverboards) and the expansion of Luas.

“All modes of public transport in the Greater Dublin area are very overcrowded. There is not enough capacity and the addition of additional capacity takes several years to achieve, ”says the document.

“The cheapest, fastest and easiest way to reduce overcrowding is to allow more people to ride their bikes. That is why the key to our current transport problems is to invest and invest heavily in providing bicycles as quickly as possible. “

The Dublin Commuter Coalition declares that the bus is the “work horse” with the majority of public transport trips made via this mode.

As a result, according to the group, they should be given priority over private cars and taxis, especially during rush hours or in problem areas like College Green or along the canals.

The coalition also called for the expansion of the system. They say less than 10 of Ireland’s 82 largest cities, with over 5,000 residents, have public bus services in their area.

“They are actively discouraged from using a more sustainable mode of travel. Not to mention the alarming lack of cycling facilities outside of major Irish towns, the car is literally their only option. We intentionally designed our cities to be so, ”the manifesto adds.

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Among some of the other demands, the coalition also wants to see the provision to start the development of the high speed train from Belfast to Cork via Dublin, the complete renovation of the existing routes to be allocated to cycling, the increased encouragement of the use of e -rides and a fundamental expansion of the state’s provision for people with reduced mobility or visually impaired people.

Kevin Carter, chairman of the Dublin Commuter Coalition, said the benefits of the changes would outweigh the costs.

“The first reaction to a list like this will probably be, ‘How could we afford all of this? But the real question is how can we not afford to do this? Mr. Carter said. “Congestion alone is expected to cost Dublin 2 billion euros per year by 2030. This is not what will cost us.

The coalition added that it would “scrutinize” candidates and parties in the run-up to elections, “with the aim of giving voters the best information on good transport thinking.”

The 12 themes of the manifesto are:

– Invest in cycling yesterday

– The current BusConnects program

– Extension of the bus system

– Roads for all modes

– Metro

– Luas extension

– Dart

– National rail network

– Pedestrian infrastructure

– Enforcement

– People with reduced mobility or sighted people

– E-tours


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