New inspection to set higher standards for cycling infrastructure



The government has established plans to increase cycling and walking rates through investments in new infrastructure which will also see a new inspectorate formed to improve the quality of infrastructure provided under the plan.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said he wants to see thousands of miles of protected cycle paths, accessible cycle training and bicycles available on prescription as part of the transport “revolution” plans announced yesterday.

Johnson unveiled the £ 2bn plan, announced for funding earlier this year, to both tackle health concerns and capitalize on the significant increase in the number of people cycling during the pandemic.

Improving the national cycle network and investing in new protected cycle paths will fall under the remit of the new inspectorate, which builds on new guidance also released yesterday.

The plan also includes creating a long-term cycling program and budget to ensure a secure funding pipeline. Consultations to strengthen the highway code to better protect pedestrians and cyclists are also promised to make streets safer, while local authorities must be empowered to crack down on traffic violations.

The government said the plan sets out a comprehensive long-term vision to increase active travel and integrate the benefits of walking and cycling into the way we live, work and travel.

Johnson said: “Whether it’s helping people get fit and healthy and reducing their risk of disease, improving air quality and reducing congestion, cycling and walking have a huge role to play in addressing some of the greatest health and environmental challenges we face.

“But to build a healthier, more active nation, we need the right infrastructure, training and support in place to give people the confidence to travel on two wheels.

“That’s why now is the time to shift gears and move forward with our most ambitious and daring plans yet to drive active travel – so everyone can feel the transformative benefits.” cycling. “

Transportation Secretary Grant Shapps added: “We have a unique opportunity to create attitude change for generations to come and get more people to choose to cycle or walk as part of their daily routine. .

“The measures we have outlined in this revolutionary plan will do just that. No matter how old you are, how far you ride, or how confident you are on a bike now, there are plans to help and support you.

The Association of Directors of Environment, Economy, Planning and Transport also released a policy paper yesterday on the need to integrate active travel and its Transport Council Chairman and Senior Vice- President Mark Kemp said everything they need – schools, stores, recreation and work – within a 20-minute walk is gaining traction across government.

“Enabling active travel is going to be fundamental to providing rejuvenated neighborhoods and creating brilliant places with stronger local economies, where people can enjoy a better quality of life with cleaner air, a healthier lifestyle and greater focus on local communities.

“Adept members are ready to work with government to make this a truly ‘new era’, but to be successful, these changes can only be made at the local level, using local knowledge and ensuring buy-in.” communities through clear engagement. To do this, venue managers must have the resources in place and the ability to lead. “

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