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Holding a child in his hands as he rides a motorbike as he stands on a road in the Kacyiru sector for about 300 meters, David Hababajintwari leaves spectators mesmerized by his formidable skills.

Viewers were delighted with his ability to play around a motorcycle.

Some people who had gathered to watch him play on Saturday were excited but also worried for the child’s safety on the unusual ride, which they considered dangerous.

However, they were stunned by the happy and successful ending of the 26-year-old from Masaka sector in Gasabo district.

“It is the confidence of someone who masters a motorcycle [riding] by carrying a passenger and driving them to their destination [safely]. I do what I practice efficiently, ”Hababajintwari told The Sunday Times, allaying concerns about his risky talent.

Hababajintwari’s maneuvering abilities on a motorcycle make some people think he has supernatural powers, Kacyiru, Saturday, September 21, 2019. / Emmanuel Ntirenganya

Even the bikers are amazed at my skills, “and they rally around me as I show my skills.”

“If I’m going to play in places with a lot of people like Nyabugogo near [car park], a heavy traffic jam can occur, which can cause havoc. That’s why I prefer to go to less crowded places, ”he said.

Hababajintwari said he started riding a motorcycle while standing on it when he was 18. At 19, he had mastered motorcycle maneuvers.

He attributed his ability to passion, commitment and practice.

“I have a lot of motorcycle skills. When I have 30 minutes with my motorcycle, I can innovate another trick,” he said.

He refuted claims that he derives his ability from witchcraft.

But, despite the know-how he has acquired, he has not taken advantage of it, which he says is the result of a lack of adequate funding and good management.

“If there is good management, I can get the necessary equipment (like a required motorcycle) and compete in major competitions,” he said, adding that he had so far trained 10 people. which are almost at the same level. level with him.

A show of talented horse riders would be worth watching and could be a lucrative sporting activity if people stand together to promote it, he said.

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