Cycling infrastructure

Sir, – In reference to “Narrow roads and bad weather cited as reasons why people in Galway don’t cycle” (News, February 15), the lack of safe cycling infrastructure is the reason many people don’t cycle in Galway. They want. Three separate school cycle buses are in service around the city. The effort and dedication of parents and volunteers to make cycling to school safe where no infrastructure exists is enormous. The appetite is huge and yet Galway City Council hasn’t rolled out a single centimeter of new, segregated and protected cycle lane since at least 2015.

In a climate crisis, it’s a city totally indebted to cars.

The most relevant question to ask is not why people in Galway don’t cycle, it’s what the Galway City Council Executive and the majority of councilors have against people on bikes. Because even though they may protest, their action, or lack thereof, tells us all we need to know. – Yours, etc.,


Salt Hill,


Sir, – The whole government is caught up in a group mentality that pumps money into programs to make it hard for car dependents.

Here in Lucan, a public consultation leaves aside a project for a cycle path and a one-way system to be introduced on a so-called trial basis. “Destination Town” is another phrase for walking and cycling apparently, and that’s what this bike path is all about through the main street of Lucan village.

Throwing money at it and getting rid of parking spaces – and that solves climate change? This is all rubbish and it seems the whole political system is caught up in this ruthless stupidity.

If South Dublin County Council wants a fake village, they should build it somewhere else and leave Lucan alone. I suggest Tír na nÓg, where everyone can walk and cycle, and where no one needs a doctor or a dentist! – Yours, etc.,



Co Dublin.

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