Credit with Prosecution & Debt Default

When you apply for credit in Switzerland, not only from the credit organizations consult the ZEK, your credit history, but also CRIF and the prosecution offices that archive your past related to lawsuits and acts of default of goods.


Prosecution now?

Prosecution now?

Basically, to get credit, you don’t have to be sued. However, some organizations may be accommodating if prosecution is warranted .

Therefore, being prosecuted is a big handicap, but not necessarily insurmountable . For lawsuits that are still open but justified, we have the flexibility to negotiate for you with our banking partners so that your request is accepted.


No lawsuits currently, but in the past yes? Danger!

No lawsuits currently, but in the past yes? Danger!

Banks pay particular attention to lawsuits and acts of default on property paid for in the past.

Banks have 2 possibilities to access your history related to lawsuits and acts of property default.

Prosecution offices

Most prosecution offices now leave the registration of prosecutions and acts of default of paid property without the knowledge of the persons concerned. It is therefore very easy for a bank to access this information.


In addition, certain banking organizations consult an additional file called CRIF which gathers all your past in terms of lawsuits and acts of defaults of property in progress and paid . Thus, even if the extract from the prosecution office and its archives are blank, but on the other hand the CRIF file has inscriptions, you risk being refused.

This service helps banks make decisions about whether or not to grant credit. CRIF authorizes consumers and businesses to access their own credit information to facilitate the request for new financing or to monitor existing ones.

Your history is not indelible!

Our team is trained to help and advise you.

Thus, the preparation of our clients’ files necessarily involves consulting these databases.

In the case of registrations, we will take the necessary steps with you to have the lawsuits and acts of default of paid goods still registered , whether in the CRIF file or with the prosecution offices, struck off.

This is one of the elements that allows us to display a higher acceptance rate of files.


Defect of good = categorical refusal

On the other hand, if you have acts of default of property, expect a category refusal, you will not benefit from any negotiation margin.