Benner & Weinkauf, PC has been helping clients rebuild credit after bankruptcy since 2014

Since 2014, the law firm New Bedford has been helping rebuild credit after bankruptcy. The company helps clients get their finances and financial lives back on track.

Benner & Weinkauf, PC – New Bedford Law Firm is proud to announce that the firm has the knowledge to complete the required documentation and notifications for clients who find it necessary to declare bankruptcy. the Benner & Weinkauf, PC – rebuilding credit lawyers recognize that those who must utilize the features of statutory bankruptcy will often find that they are still struggling financially. Assistance in changing bad financial actions can help the client avoid additional financial problems in the future.

Bankruptcy is not intended as a punishment measure, but rather as a way for debt-ridden individuals and businesses to chart a new, healthier financial path. Assistance from the legal team at Benner & Weinkauf, PC provides legal resolutions and education to change unsound financial practices. Credit counseling and budget management techniques are examples of credit wellness.

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The firm ranks as the leading bankruptcy attorney in New Bedford and provides answers to many bankruptcy-related questions. According to the company, thousands of families have been helped to get out of debt and avoid falling back into financial hardship. The legal practice may even be able to help clients avoid bankruptcy through the proper legal actions. Benner & Weinkauf understands the emotional stress caused by debt and is ready to help our clients lead a healthier financial life.

Some of the legal and financial services offered by attorneys include asset protection, chapters 7 and 13, second mortgage elimination, debt negotiation, and IRS tax payment options. Clients may need assistance with lien releases, repossessions, credit card debt relief and debt negotiation, as well as foreclosure prevention, tax penalty relief, IRS tax settlement, loan modification, short sales, levy garnishment, tax resolution, wage garnishment and debt collectors harassment.

About the company:

Benner & Weinkauf, CP – New Bedford offers specific training and techniques to help clients restore their financial health following bankruptcy proceedings. Financial health depends on many different factors, and the law firm provides help in different ways. The practice is available 24 hours a day.

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